Title: Sexy Porsche Phones

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A review of the newest phone by Sagem Communications, the Porsche Phone.

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The Porsche phone, also known as Sagem P9521 is a very stylish and lightweight cell phone made with high quality finishing and uses materials such as aluminium and glass.

Sagem Phones have a reputation of producing reliable but sturdy mobiles, whilst the P9521 is only 140g’s and has dimensions of 91cm x 48cm x 18cm it still feels solid and can be carried in a shirt pocket or in a gentleman’s trousers!

The handset is equipped with various multimedia functions and has a high-definition touch screen.

The monitor is capable of rendering 262.000 colours with a resolution of 320×240 pixels.

The 2.2-inch sized screen is a flip-out and tilting that offers the Porsche users easy-to-use functionality.

If the retail price of $2000 USD is too expensive, then take notice of other Sagem Mobiles.

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