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A Better Life For Anyone 3 Ways To Join
Shaklee Independent Distributor, Income Opportunity.
Discover The Home Business In The Health And WellNess Revolution

shaklee, income opportunity , business opportunity

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The GOLD Program is simple: it starts with you becoming a GOLD Ambassador today, then sharing the program with everyone.
To get started, all you have to do is become a GOLD Ambassador, then personally sponsor three new GOLD Ambassadors with a $299 Mission PAK. For taking this first step, you will earn a minimum of $150 GOLD Ambassador bonus on your sales of Mission PAK products. Then, when you have a total of 12 GOLD Ambassadors in your personal group, you move on to the next phase and an even greater opportunity to earn GOLD bonuses. Do it again – sponsor three and get 12 in your group – and teach others to do the same. Keep going and earn bonuses to unlimited levels!*

And remember, all the effort you put into the GOLD Program helps build long-term residual income from volume and leadership bonuses.
How A New Person Gets Started:
When you become a GOLD Ambassador for $299, you get all the essential business tools (like the Distributor Welcome Kit, 3 months of Personal Website for free, and Global Ambassador status). You?re also now entitled to a 15% discount off of Suggested Retail Price (SRP) on Shaklee products, plus a coupon for a free product with your next 100 PV order. And, you get your choice of one Product Action Kit (PAK):
? GOLD Premiere Mission PAK #59132 English / #59248 Spanish
$299 / 139.00 PV
? Vitalizer w/o Iron
? Cinch? Shake, Canister, Vanilla
? Cinch Bar, Assortment Pack
? NutriFeron?
? Hand & Body Lotion 8 oz
? Basic H2? 16 oz
? Get Clean? Spray Bottles
? Cinch? Mission PAK #59131 English / #59247 Spanish
$299 / 125.00 PV
? Cinch

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